About Us

We are the #1 choice for Restaurants.

American Restaurant Service LLC (ARS) has built a solid reputation among major chains of restaurant with enormous dedication and passion.

In today’s ultra-competitive market place, the one thing empowers restaurants is their commitment to satisfaction and that’s what has been driving American for the last 20 years.

ARS has satellite offices across the eastern seaboard of the USA and western regions of Canada. The USA head office is in Detroit, Michigan and Canadian office in Toronto, Canada. We are currently poised for future growth to win new business and market shares through highly qualified franchisees and strategic partners in major cities across the USA and Canada. For more information please see our Franchises section.


ARS is a product of over 20 years of pursuing the perfection of the hospitality cleaning industry to fill a previously unsatisfied niche on a national and regional level. By leveraging this success and our proven systems, ARS is now the number 1 choice for restaurant cleaning. ARS has the highest and longest customer retention rate, by providing the most consistent service at a price that fits every customer’s budget.


ARS may not be a family owned business, but we certainly operate that way. Our service partners and franchisees bring the same level of passion , dedication and great emphasis on customer service in every region of our markets.

National brands locally served.